Bone Void Filler Technology

Inovan has developed an antibiotic-releasing, bone void filling putty to treat osteomyelitis for clinical use in Total Joint Replacement surgeries and other orthopedic surgeries. Currently, bone void fillers are not endowed with a truly controlled, antibiotic-releasing strategy, although they are a recognized suitable drug reservoir. Inovan's antibiotic releasing bone void filler putty (ABVFp) combines controlled antibiotic release and a bone void filling putty, which hurdles the limitations of existing bone void fillers.  Inovan's ABVFp provides an extended antibiotic release over the clinically relevant 6-8-week time course, but also promotes bone resorption and repair via the osteoconductive, resorbable bone graft
implant, making it unique in the market. Inovan ABVFp has a significant advantage over current bone-void fillers drug through increased osseintegration, added moldability, and reduced infection risk.



Osteomyeltis is a serious bone infection that is a major complication in total joint replacement (TJR) surgeries and other orthopedic surgeries that utilize bone cement and bone void fillers (BVF).  Osteomyelitis causes up to 15% of the total implant failures and up to 30% of revision surgeries.

Annually ~1 million people in the United states are estimated to receive either a Total Hip Arthroplasty or a Total Knee Arthroplasty (cumulatively considered TJR).  By 2030, primary Total Knee Arthroplasty is projected to grow by up to 189 percent and primary Total Hip Arthoroplasty is projected to grow 171 percent, culminating in total projected procedures of almost two million according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS).

Current clinical tools to address infections and antibiotic resistance associated with TJR are invasive, costly, and often ineffective, compromising the patient’s overall bone health, healing, and recovery. The current clinical standard of care includes:

1.surgical debridement

2. the use of bone cement with antibiotics, bone graft, or BVF

3.iv-administered antibiotics for 4-8 weeks

Ultimately, current antibiotic treatment fails to effectively treat TJR infections and contributes to the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria.


Unique Product Design

Inovan’s innovative antibiotic releasing bone void filler putty (ABVFp) overcomes the major unresolved pharmaceutical and kinetics challenge of the current products on the market used to treat osteomyelitis in Total Join Replacements and other orthopedic surgeries. 

Although bone void fillers are a recognized suitable drug reservoir, they are not endowed with a truly controlled, antibiotic-releasing mechanism. Current approaches to achieve local antibiotic release with the desired kinetics often suffer from an early peak release (drug burst), with sustained subsequent drug release at sub-therapeutic levels, providing selective

pressures that unintentionally favor development of antibiotic resistance.

Inovan’s ABVFp will exploit a FDA-approved osteoconductive bone graft filler as a drug reservoir that promotes healthy cell-material interactions. A polymer coating will deliver sufficient amounts of antibiotics to resist and remove microbial infection, as well as facilitating long-term efficacy and preclude antibiotic resistance.


The Inovan Team

We wouldn’t be able to take Inovan to the next level without our incredible team who collaborate together to make each project come to life. Read below to learn more about the incredible Inovan team.


Meredith Schroeder, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Meredith Schroeder leads business activities as well as research and development at Inovan. Dr. Schroeder has expertise in microbiology, focused on antibiotic discovery and development.


Amanda Brooks, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Amanda Brooks leads research and product design at Inovan. Dr. Brooks is the Director of Research for Rocky Vista University and an Associate Professor of Molecular Biology. Her lab has long focused on the development of an antibiotic-releasing bone void filler. She completed training in pharmaceutics and drug delivery under David Grainger and has a decade of experience in developing and implementing drug delivery systems and development of drug resistance. During past product development, Dr. Brooks oversaw the construction, production, formulation, and animal studies.


Benjamin Brooks, Ph.D.

Chief Business Officer

Dr. Ben Brooks leads business activities at Inovan. Dr Brooks is an expert in epitope characterization and possesses extensive product development and vaccine humoral response experience. In addition to his role at Inovan, Dr. Brooks is Assistant Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Rocky Vista University. His academic efforts have focused on using biosensors to characterize protein-protein interactions and developing software for protein sequence/structure/function studies to improve protein engineering. Dr. Brooks has been involved in the management of several tech start-up ventures and developed a high-throughput surface plasmon resonance biosensor at Carterra, Inc. Dr. Ben Brooks with Dr. Amanda Brooks developed the formulation and led the initial animal studies for the recently FDA-approved antibiotic-releasing bone void filler.


Vincent W. Coljee, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Vincent Coljee leads R&D and operations at Inovan. Dr. Coljee is a Harvard researcher with a diverse background spanning biophysics, chemistry to various sub-disciplines of biology and therapeutics. Concurrently to his academic track, he has worked in the biotech industry since 2000 and been part of two startups from inception. At Symphogen A/S he invented and developed their technology platform and he was the founder and CSO of Excelimmune, Inc. He serves as a consultant in the industry to both CRO's and therapeutics companies and is on the SAB of an European immuno-oncology company, Talix Therapeutics.